Dear Egyptian Magic

“I am a pediatrician in private practice in New York City and Kauai. One of my patients brought in her child with a history of eczema; she advised me that her practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, Rachel Koenig, of Brooklyn, New York, had recommended Egyptian Magic. This child’s skin, weeks after using your product revealed none of its former patchy dryness or generalized “leatheriness.

I tried out the cream on my own hand: initially greasy, then less so, and finally within a period of fifteen minutes, minimally greasy with residual impactful penetration and softness, all with the lightest, noncloying, pleasing scent. I love that there are components in your preparation that are frankly emollient in quality, like the oil and the beeswax, and the more astringent royal jelly. Neatly constructed and neatly executed. Bravo!

Thanks again for your winning product.”

Dobavitelj za Slovenijo

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O kremi Egyptian Magic

Krema Egyptian Magic je bila v začetku 90-ih let lokalna uspešnica, ki se je v 25 letih razširila po vsem svetu. Zanimivo je, da se je to zgodilo skoraj brez oglaševanja. Sloves kreme se še vedno širi od ust do ust – na ta način je prišla tudi v Slovenijo. Več...