Dear Egyptian Magic

“Just a quick note to say thank you for a great product! This past winter my 4 year old son started getting rashes that were diagnosed as eczema. The dermatologist perscribed a corticosteroid cream, which worked, but I was uncomfortable about using steroids on him long term. His rash would clear up and then return every 2 weeks or so. Last week I discovered Egyptian Magic cream in a magazine ad and went to your web site. After reading your site I decided there was nothing in your product that would hurt my son, so I got a jar to try. It is definately working to clear up his rash and I feel like this is a product I can use on him long term without worrying about the types of side effects found with steroids. Thanks for a great product. I’m going to let his pediatrician know about Egyptian Magic too.”

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O kremi Egyptian Magic

Krema Egyptian Magic je bila v začetku 90-ih let lokalna uspešnica, ki se je v 25 letih razširila po vsem svetu. Zanimivo je, da se je to zgodilo skoraj brez oglaševanja. Sloves kreme se še vedno širi od ust do ust – na ta način je prišla tudi v Slovenijo. Več...