Dear Egyptian Magic cream makers

“I just wanted to thank you for making this amazing cream. I have been suffering from inflammation from skin under my right eye for over two years now. This inflammation, redness, and swelling made my skin very sensitive to the sun and it was difficult for me to enjoy the wonderful weather of San Diego.

I started applying Egyptian Magic cream just about three days ago and the result I am seeing is amazing. The redness and swelling is gone and my skin is regenerating. This indeed is a miracle, now I can see myself > enjoying this summer without the pain and redness.
Thank you again,”

Dobavitelj za Slovenijo

Globaling d.o.o.
Podvin 217
3310 Žalec

G: 041 735 874

O kremi Egyptian Magic

Krema Egyptian Magic je bila v začetku 90-ih let lokalna uspešnica, ki se je v 25 letih razširila po vsem svetu. Zanimivo je, da se je to zgodilo skoraj brez oglaševanja. Sloves kreme se še vedno širi od ust do ust – na ta način je prišla tudi v Slovenijo. Več...