Egyptian Magic as Night & Eye Cream! WOW!

“A few years ago I bought a tub of Egyptian Magic. I bought it mainly to have to put on cuts to help them heal faster and to also use as a lip balm. I haven’t really used it much. Well the other day I ran out of my night eye cream and was looking at the tub of this stuff and tried it under my eyes. WOW! My eyes looked great the next morning. The next night I tried it all over my face. My skin looked amazing the next day. I was so hesitant to try this, as I have super oily skin, large pores, etc.


Egyptian Magic has just a few ingredients, olive oil, bee pollen and a few other ingredients that come from bees. It feels like a very heavy balm going on, but let me tell you. The next day my skin looked great and was in no way oily. I also have been putting it on my hands at night. This stuff is like a miracle in a jar. Amazing! Forget the CDLM, this stuff (which I have tried in the past) is 100% better IMO.”

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O kremi Egyptian Magic

Krema Egyptian Magic je bila v začetku 90-ih let lokalna uspešnica, ki se je v 25 letih razširila po vsem svetu. Zanimivo je, da se je to zgodilo skoraj brez oglaševanja. Sloves kreme se še vedno širi od ust do ust – na ta način je prišla tudi v Slovenijo. Več...